Dalton McGuinty, 2010
Premier of Ontario

Dalton McGuinty is Ontario's 24th Premier. In the provincial election of 2003, he led the Liberal party to a majority government. He and his party earned a second consecutive majority on October 10, 2007. He has represented the riding of Ottawa South as its MPP since 1990.

During his first term, Premier McGuinty's government reduced class sizes and hospital wait times, improved Ontario's infrastructure, and attracted billions in new investment to Ontario.

Now in his second term, Premier McGuinty remains committed to building an even stronger economy for Ontario families.

New tax reforms will mean more money in the pockets of Ontarians while making our province an even more attractive place for businesses to invest.

The government has laid out a plan for Ontario that includes training for our workers; increasing the Ontario child benefit; building more affordable-housing; and increasing funding for health care, education and post-secondary education.