Centres of Excellence for Early Years and Child Care

In June 2017, Canada and Ontario signed the Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Agreement, as part of The National Early Learning and Child Care Multilateral Framework. This agreement sets the foundation for governments to work towards a shared long-term vision where all children across Canada can experience the enriching environment of quality early learning and child care.

Under the Canada-Ontario ELCC agreement, $3 million per year is available to establish Centres of Excellence for Early Years and Child Care. These Centres of Excellence will support transformational change, and signal both the provincial and federal government commitment to long-term professional learning across the early years sector. These centres will take into account the diverse needs of the province, such as culture, language and geography through the development of specialized networks.

In 2018, the Ministry will establish three Centres of Excellence to support the differentiated needs of the early years and child care sector:

  • Provincial Centre of Excellence
  • Francophone Centre of Excellence
  • Indigenous Centre of Excellence.

Each of these three centres will be led by a team of diverse partners that represent Ontario’s regional and geographic diversity.

The Ministry is currently seeking proposals from partners interested in leading a Centre of Excellence. Applicants must demonstrate an innovative, sustainable and responsive approach to delivering the key objectives of Centres of Excellence and the requirements outlined in the Call for Proposal.

For additional details about Centres of Excellence, the Call for Proposal process and eligibility, please review the Call for Proposals (CFP) for Centres of Excellence for Early Years and Child Care in Ontario. (PDF, 243 KB)