Think, Feel, Act: Lessons from research about young children


Inclusive early years programs ensure full participation of all children. They are accessible to all children and families, are designed for the unique characteristics of each child and engage in continuous program monitoring to ensure the success of the program. Watch the following video clips and read the following research brief to learn more about ways to welcome everyone in your program.

Read: Everyone is Welcome: Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Care by Dr. Kathryn Underwood


What is it?

Impacts on Children and Families



On your own or with others, use these questions as a starting point for thinking about your everyday experiences and practices:

  • What barriers limit the full participation of all children (e.g. attitudes, practices, physical space)?
  • What steps can I take to reduce barriers that limit full participation of every child?
  • In thinking about all children as competent and capable, what practices and interactions with children and families might I need to rethink?

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