Access To Information And Privacy Protection

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act) provides individuals with a right of access to records, subject to limited exemptions, and to personal information in the custody or control of the Ministry of Education.

The Act also provides for the protection of an individual's privacy with respect to the collection, use, disclosure, retention and disposal of personal information held by the Ministry.

How to Access Information

Requests under the Act must be made in writing. An application fee of $5, payable to the Minister of Finance, is required at the time a request is submitted. Individuals should be as detailed as possible about the records they wish to access.

Requests should be sent to:

The Information and Privacy Coordinator
Ministry of Education
21st Floor, Mowat Block
900 Bay Street
Toronto ON M7A 1L2
Telephone: (416) 325-0070

The Ministry will respond to access requests within 30 calendar days, unless additional fees or time extensions permitted under the Act are warranted.

Privacy Protection

The Ministry only collects personal information in accordance with the Education Act in order to administer its programs. Examples of personal information collected by the Ministry include name, address, telephone number, educational history and where necessary, social insurance number.

The Ministry of Education is committed to respecting privacy and protecting personal information. Ministry staff only collect, use and disclose personal information where it is necessary to perform their job duties. Personal information held by the Ministry is maintained in a secure manner.

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