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About This Website

How current is the information on the website?

The website contains a snapshot of primary class sizes each fall since 2003. In 2015-16, Ontario has about 4,000 elementary schools and over 32,000 primary classes**. Each fall, school boards collect class size information from every school and send a report to the ministry. We'd like to thank the boards for completing this huge task each year.

**Includes any classes that have at least one Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 pupil enrolled.

How often is it updated?


I don't think the numbers for my child's school are right. What should I do?

Students often move and change schools, so class sizes can change from month-to-month. Boards were asked to set final primary class organizations by fall 2015. The data published by the ministry reflects actual class sizes reported by schools and boards on their individual reorganization dates. If you have questions, please contact your local school board.