Minister's Advisory Council on Special Education: Appointment Process

Questions and Answers

  • What is the Minister's Advisory Council on Special Education?
  • How does the appointment process work?
  • What if several organizations serve the same exceptionality or professional group?
  • Who can apply?
  • I have applied for the Council in the past but was not selected. Can I apply again?
  • What factors will be considered in making appointments?
  • How are the interests of Francophones and Roman Catholics served?
  • How are the interests of students and Native people served?
  • What is the term of the appointments?
  • What is the time commitment required of members?
  • Are expenses covered?
  • When can we submit applications?
  • How do we submit applications?
  • How do I get more information?

Membership Categories and Expiry Dates

Exceptionalities / Community of Interest Represented Expiry Dates
Learning Disabilities vacant
Pervasive Developmental Disorders / Autism March 31, 2013
Deaf / Hard of Hearing March 31, 2014
Gifted March 31, 2015
Developmental Disability March 31, 2013
Blind/Low Vision March 31, 2014
Physical Disability March 31, 2014
Multiple Disabilities March 31, 2013
Emotional / Behaviour Disorder March 31, 2015
Educator Groups Expiry Dates
Supervisory Officers March 31, 2013
Trustees March 31, 2014
Principals March 31, 2014
Teachers / French Language Community vacant
Educational Assistants March 31, 2014
Professional Support Expiry Dates
Medical Practitioners March 31, 2013
Psychologists March 31, 2014
Social Workers March 31, 2013
Speech and Language Pathologists vacant
Other Expiry Dates
Student / Youth March 31, 2013
Aboriginal Communities vacant

Any concerns or questions can be addressed by contacting:


  1. In addition, there are four non-voting members: one each from the Ministries of Health and Long Term Care; Children and Youth Services; Community and Social Services and Training, Colleges and Universities.
  2. Persons with an identifiable exceptionality and who use, or once used, special education programs and services, or parents of such a pupil.
  3. Special appointments of one and two years are sometimes made to maintain the rotation of members.