Members of the Minister's Advisory Council on Special Education

Exceptionalities and/or Sectors Represented Name Expiry Date
Council Chair Joe Trovato March 31, 2020
Learning Disability Suzanne Bonneville May 16, 2019
Autism Suzanne Murphy September 28, 2020
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Vacant  
Gifted Vacant  
Developmental Disability Laura LaChance January 19, 2020
Blind and Low-Vision Vacant  
Physical Disability Vacant  
Multiple Exceptionalities Vacant  
Behaviour Vacant  
Supervisory Officers Vacant  
Trustees Vacant  
Principals Gary Pieters October 15, 2020
Teachers Shelly Durance January 19, 2020
Educational Assistants Vacant  
Medical Nicola Jones-Stokreef October 15, 2020
Psychologists Dr. Sue Ball November 5, 2020
Social Workers Jim Van Buskirk January 19, 2020
Speech and Language Pathologists Sharon McWhirter January 19, 2020
Students / Youth    
Students / Youth Vacant  
Indigenous Communities    
Vice Chair / Indigenous Communities Marion Macdonald January 19, 2020