Funding for Special Education

The Ministry of Education is responsible for funding Ontario's elementary and secondary schools operated by public and Catholic English and French boards. The ministry allocates funding to each school board using a formula that is based on student enrolment and the unique needs of students in each board.

Education funding starts with the Foundation Grant, which gives every school board a basic level of funding for each student. Additional funding is provided through special purpose grants, including a Special Education Grant, based on specific costs or needs that affect some boards and some students more than others. The operation and maintenance of school buildings and the construction of new schools or additions are funded through the Pupil Accommodation Grant.

The Special Education Grant (SEG) provides additional funding for students who need special programs, services and equipment. SEG funding is enveloped which means this funding can only be used for those students who require special education programs, services or equipment. The SEG includes six components – the Special Education Per-Pupil Amount, the High Needs Amount, the Special Equipment Amount, the Special Incidence Portion, the Behaviour Expertise Amount and the Facilities Amount.

For further information on Special Education Funding, please visit our web section on Education Funding.