Planning For Independence

 Changing Inappropriate Behaviour

Occasionally the assessment process may uncover behaviours that require supportive intervention by the teacher. Like any behaviour change (including academic learning) that teachers want to effect, change in a problem behaviour requires use of the planning cycle.

First, a description of the student's inappropriate behaviour should be formulated and put in writing. Pertinent details related to the behaviour should be observed and recorded, and all the gathered information should be analysed. (In some cases a case conference may be necessary.) The analysis should generate hypotheses about the causes of the student's inappropriate behaviour.

A plan to change the behaviour, including longterm and short-term goals, should then be formulated. To be useful, short-term goals should be very specific: exactly what is expected of the student, when, and where.

Before the plan is implemented, teachers should decide at what intervals its evaluation will occur. If evaluation reveals that the problem has not been resolved, the planning cycle should begin again. If, after several repetitions of the cycle, there has been no appreciable change in the student's behaviour, he or she should be referred to other services, according to procedures established by the local board.

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