Special Education Regulations

A number of regulations made under the Education Act concern special education in whole or in part.

Regulation 181/98: Identification and Placement of Exceptional Pupils
Governs the identification and placement of exceptional pupils, IPRC reviews, appeal procedures, and the role of parent(s)/guardian(s) in these processes.
See also Highlights of Regulation 181/98
Regulation 306: Special Education Programs and Services
Defines the requirement for each school board to maintain a special education plan for the delivery of special education programs and services, and sets out the authority for the Minister of Education to require a school board to amend its plan if necessary.
Regulation 464/97: Special Education Advisory Committees
Sets out requirements for school board Special Education Advisory Committees (SEACs), such as their role, membership, and scope of activities.
Regulation 298: Operation of Schools-General
Contains certain qualifications for special education teachers, a provision for reducing the length of the school day for exceptional pupils, and maximum class size provisions for special education classes.
Regulation 296: Ontario Schools for the Blind and Deaf
Sets out operating procedures for the Provincial Schools for the Blind and Deaf, and also describes duties of teachers, residence counsellors, parents, and superintendents at these schools.