Healthy Schools: New School Food And Beverage Policy

New School Food And Beverage Policy

Ontario has introduced its School Food and Beverage Policy that includes nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in schools. The policy applies to food and beverages sold:

  • in all venues on school property such as cafeterias, vending machines and tuck shops;
  • through all programs, including catered lunch programs; and
  • at all events on school property, including bake sales and sport events.

The nutrition standards do not apply to lunches or snacks that are brought from home.

The policy was announced in January 2010 and took effect on September 1, 2011.

This is part of a broader effort to develop healthier learning environments and improve student achievement since research has shown that children who eat a healthy diet are more ready to learn and more likely to be successful in school.

Schools are allowed up to 10 "special-event" days throughout the year, where they are exempt from the standards. Although "special-event" days give them greater flexibility with food and beverages, schools are encouraged to offer healthy options.



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