Leadership Development: Board Leadership Development Strategy

Board Leadership Development Strategy

As part of the Ontario Leadership Strategy (OLS), each district in the province is provided with funding and support to develop and implement a Board Leadership Development Strategy (BLDS). The goals of the BLDS mirror the goals of the OLS – that is, to:

  • attract the right people to leadership roles;
  • develop personal leadership resources in individuals and promote effective leadership practices in order to have the greatest possible impact on student achievement and well-being; and
  • develop leadership capacity and coherence in organizations to strengthen their ability to deliver on education priorities.

The ministry is providing $4 million of Ontario Leadership Strategy funding in 2012–13 to support districts in further strengthening their BLDS by:

  • assessing its impact;
  • setting high-quality goals;
  • implementing evidence-based strategies that will give the best results; and
  • monitoring the implementation of those strategies.

The Board Leadership Development Strategy Manual, 2012 (PDF, 10 MB) is intended to support Ontario school districts in implementing their BLDS, and to guide planning and reporting. Directors, supervisory officers, principals, vice-principals, supervisors, managers, teachers, and others who work in the field of education may find the manual helpful in understanding leadership development in districts across the province. For an overview of the BLDS, please refer to the  BLDS Quick Facts (PDF, 245 KB).