June 2009

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June 8, 2009

I am pleased to share with you the Spring 2009 issue of In Conversation, a series of papers designed to encourage you to reflect on your practice and to share your strategic insights and advice. This issue of In Conversation follows on the very successful Principal Congress hosted by the ministry last February and attended by over 240 school and system leaders.

Among many Congress highlights was the engaging keynote address delivered by Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Based on the enthusiastic response of Congress participants to Roger's presentation, we asked him to shed more light on integrative thinking, and how it can be applied to the issues all of us face every day as leaders.

As you read, ask yourself:

  • How do you relate to the ideas raised in this paper?
  • What challenges do you face using integrative thinking?
  • What could school and system leaders do to apply integrative thinking in their professional lives?

I encourage you to share your comments with the ministry by email at InConversation@ontario.ca before June 19. We will collect them and post them on the ministry's In Conversation web page.

I hope you enjoy this issue of In Conversation and, as always, I look forward to your insights.

Ben Levin

Deputy Minister

For more information about In Conversation and to download previous issues along with readers' responses, please visit: Leadership Development: In Conversation.

Video clips of the Principal Congress, including highlights of Roger Martin's keynote presentation are available.