April 2012

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April 19, 2012

Information on the 34-credit cap

In the 2012 Budget, the government announced its intention to cap secondary credits at 34. To clarify what this means, we have created the attached Frequently Asked Questions document.

The FAQ is posted on the ministry website, and we encourage you to share it widely to help answer the many questions you are likely receiving from parents and students.

A couple of highlights:

  • Boards should not charge students a fee for any of their credits.
  • Students can still take more than 34 credits, but school boards will be funded at a lower rate for the 35th credit and beyond.

I hope this helps your communications with parents and students.

Grants applications are open

School councils can apply for 2012-13 Parents Reaching Out grants until June 8, 2012.

These grants are for initiatives that help reduce barriers to parents getting more involved in their children's education. The recipients will be announced this fall.

Healthy Schools Recognition Program

Participation is easy. Schools can build on a pre-existing activity, or can create a brand new one.

Visit www.ontario.ca/healthyschools to find tips, ideas and see what other schools have done, then apply today to get recognized.

Need Volunteer Hours?

High school students looking to obtain their 40 hours of community involvement will be interested in the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration's 5th annual ChangeTheWorld — Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge.

This is the second year the Ministry of Education's SpeakUp program has partnered with ChangeTheWorld. Students volunteering between April 15 – May 6, 2012, can count their volunteer hours towards the ChangeTheWorld youth target.

Schools can contact the volunteer centre in their community to learn what is available locally.