August 2006

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Margot Trevelyan, Director, Labour Relations and Governance Branch

Directors of Education

Implementing New Levels of Trustee Honoraria

After careful consideration of the recommendation of the Citizens' Advisory Committee, pass a resolution regarding the amount of honoraria to be paid to your board members, chair and co-chair.


Ben Levin, Deputy Minister

Directors of Education, Secretary-Treasurers of School Authorities

Rail Safety

16/08/2006 Dominic Giroux, Assistant Deputy Minister, French-Language Education and Educational Operations Division Directors of Education Ministry of Education Response to Lebanon Evacuation    
15/08/2006 Kirsten Parker, Director, Student Success/Learning to 18 Implementation, Training and Evaluation Branch Directors of Education, Secretary-Treasurers of School Authorities Provincial Symposium for Student Success Leaders September 18th to 20th, 2006  Student Success Leader plus one additional representative to attend. Registration details will be sent to Student Success Leads  
15/08/2006 Dominic Giroux, Assistant Deputy Minister, French Language Education and Educational Operations Directors of Education of District School Boards, Supervisory Officers of School Authorities, Director, Provincial Schools Branch, Supervisory Officer, Centre Jules-Léger Recruitment in the Aboriginal Education Office    

George Zegarac, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Planning and Elementary/Secondary Programs Division

Directors of Education, Director of Provincial Schools Branch, Supervisory Officer Centre Jules-Léger, Supervisory Officers and Secretary-Treasurers of School Authorities

Training Teachers' Assistants to work with students with Pervasive Development Disorders/Autism Spectrum Disorders (PD D/ASD)
The Ministry has provided the Geneva Centre for Autism with a grant of $5 million for training Teachers' Assistants to work with students with Pervasive Developmental Disorders/Autism Spectrum Disorders (PDD/ASD).

The Geneva Centre has asked school boards to provide the name of an individual in each school board who can identify their training needs. The Geneva Centre will be contacting school board delegates later this fall.