August 2011

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31/08/2011 Sue Durst
Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch
Directors of Education Additional Information Regarding the Provincial e-Learning Strategy
30/08/2011 Gabriel F. Sékaly
Assistant Deputy Minister
Business and Finance Division
Directors of Education 2011 B08: Implementation of the revised government transfer accounting standard

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Government Transfers: Implementation Discussion

30/08/2011 Murray Leaning
Director of Communications
Communications staff News You Can Use: Welcome back!; New School Food And Beverage Policy; Parents Reaching Out Grants; Student Voice: applications now online; International Confederation of Principals World Convention; and September activities...
26/08/2011 Barry Finlay, Director
Special Education Policy and Program Branch
Directors of Education 2010-11 SEAC Building Capacity Survey Results Highlights
24/08/2011 Andrew Davis, Director
Financial Analysis and Accountability Branch
Directors of Education 2011 SB24: 2011-12 Day School Enrolment Register Instructions and OnSIS PLAR for Mature Students Funding Data Project

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Enrolment Register Instructions for Elementary and Secondary Schools for the 2011-12 school year

22/08/2011 Kathy Verduyn
Field Services Branch
Directors of Education
Ontario English-language School Boards
French as a Second Language (FSL) Update
22/08/2011 Margot Trevelyan
Director Labour Relations and Governance
Directors of Education Provincial Meeting of Chairs, Vice Chairs, Directors and SOs Responsible for Strategic Planning Jan 19 2012
22/08/2011 Ruth Flynn, Director
Inclusive Education Branch
Directors of Education Transfer of Funds for School Council Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants
22/08/2011 Joan Fullerton Directors of Education Regional Curriculum Steering Committee Membership For 2011-2012
17/08/2011 Barry Pervin
Assistant Deputy Minister
Instruction and Leadership Development Division
Directors of Education

Supervisory Officers and Secretary Treasurers of School Authorities
Memo: Student Well-being Research Framework

See also:

Student Well-Being Research Framework

12/08/2011 Bruce Drewett
Director, Leadership Development Branch
Board Leadership Development Strategy Leads 2011-12 Board Leadership Development Strategy Support (BLDS) Materials and Implementation Reminders

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Mentoring for Newly Appointed School Leaders Requirements Manual, 2011

Board Leadership Development Strategy: Requirements Manual, 2011

Flyer 2011

Quick Facts 2011

Appendix C: Board Leadership Development Strategy Planning Template and Implementation Continuum

10/08/2011 Gabriel F. Sékaly
Assistant Deputy Minister
Mailing List Attached Draft Fundraising Guideline

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Fundraising Guideline – Draft for discussion purposes

09/08/2011 Grant Clarke
Assistant Deputy Minister
Learning and Curriculum Division
Directors of Education Open Minds, Healthy Minds
04/08/2011 Kevin Costante
Deputy Minister
Directors of Education

Secretary-Treasurers of School Authorities

Principals of Secondary Schools

Principals of Provincial and Demonstration Schools
Dual Credit Policy and Implementation – 2011-12

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Student Success section of the Ministry website