December 2016

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We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to join us for a VIRTUAL WINTER 2017 SIM K-12 session. If you would like to participate with your SIM team, you can meet and learn with us online on your choice of one of three dates. These voluntary one-day sessions are available on Tuesday February 14, Wednesday February 15, or Thursday February 16, 2017.

Here is the intent of the session:

The intention of this session is to mobilize the learning from the Fall Symposium to a larger group based on the needs of your district which may include additional school administrators, central staff and superintendents. This session will focus on mathematics learning and monitoring for leaders.

Here is the agenda for the session: 

Math Learning and Monitoring for Leaders
Through the lens of the leader’s role in monitoring, participants will begin the day by exploring a worthwhile math task and making direct connects to the pedagogical system and the vision of the mathematics learner.  We will explore monitoring as a learning conversation and its’ connection to leadership practices for school and system improvement processes. This segment of the morning will be highly interactive and we invite you to bring a copy of your current SIPSA and/or BIPSA and any questions that are surfacing as you leverage the monitoring process within your own board.

Team Discussion, Planning and Learning Time
The afternoon is set aside for local team time and an opportunity to consolidate the learning from the morning session. Please consider inviting the Student Achievement Officer for your region to be a part of the planning, facilitation, and learning at your session.

To connect and participate in the session you will need the following:

  1. A computer connected to the internet (WIFI is fine, HARDLINE is preferable).
  2. Speakers to suit the room size and number of participants.
  3. Microphone that works with your computer.
  4. A viewing screen to accommodate the size of the group. If you are a large group, it is recommended that you project the session onto a large screen.
  5. Google Chrome is the recommended web browser.
  6. A copy of the handouts for each participant (to follow after registration).

An invitation will be sent to you by to test your equipment (if registered). This test will occur a few days prior to the SIM K-12 session. Please note: that there will not be a teleconference option available for sites that do not have a microphone.

Here is how to register and connect to your Virtual Winter 2017 SIM K-12 session:
To attend the virtual session, you must register your SIM team(s). Designate one person to register on behalf of your team. When registering, you will be required to state the number of participants you anticipate joining in on the learning at your site. Upon registering, you will be sent a URL to connect your team to the session. The link will be emailed to you about a week before your SIM session.

Have any questions about registering? 
Please contact or
We are pleased to announce that all the materials from this session will also be available on
the SIM site Tweet with us @RMSontario and @lnssim
Looking forward to connecting with you!