February 2010

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Full-Day Learning Communication Materials

Posters, postcards, customizable brochures and an outdoor banner are being delivered this week to all phase-one schools offering full-day learning in September 2010. These communications materials will help schools answer questions from parents and promote local registration.

The package includes a CD with all necessary files and detailed instructions on how to customize the brochure. You and your director of education will also receive a sample package so you are familiar with the materials sent to schools.

Just a reminder that the PDF brochure files are large and will take a while to open. We've set up a dedicated email account PublicEducation@Ontario.ca to answer technical questions on the CD within one business day. Or you can reach us directly at 416-325-9108.

l'm interested in your opinion on these materials and whether you find them useful. Feel free to email me at Murray.Leaning@ontario.ca.

Thank you,