July 2015

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Cheri Hayward
School Business Support Branch

Directors of Education

Senior Business Officials

2015 SB19: Internal Audit Expenditure Envelope Guidlines

See also:

Guideline on Audit Committee Reporting

Audit Committees and Regional Internal Audit


Gabriel F. Sékaly
Assistant Deputy Minister
Financial Policy and Business Division

Tim Hadwen
Assistant Deputy Minister
Education Labour Relations Division

Directors of Education

Secretary/Treasurers of School Authorities

2014 B14: 1. Grants for Student Needs Funding Regulations for 2015–16 & 2014 B14: 2. Fees For Central Bargaining for the 2015-2016 School Board Fiscal Year Regulation

15/7/2015 Grant Osborn
Capital Policy and Programs Branch

Senior Business Officials

Planning Managers

2015 SB18: Implementation of revised Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline and Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline

See also:

Survey Monkey Questions


George Zegarac

Deputy Minister of Education

Directors of Education

Secretary, Treasurers and Supervisory Officers of School Authorities

Release of the Curriculum Policy Document for Canadian and World Studies, Grades 11 and 12, 2015

30/6/2015 Taddesse Haile
Education Statistics and Analysis Branch (ESAB)
Directors of Education

Secretary Treasurers, School Authorities

District School Boards

Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA):

2015-16 Local Capacity Building (LCB) School Year Funding

2015-16 Professional Network Centre (PNC) School Year Funding