June 2010

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Tutors in the Classroom

Dear Director of Education

Again this year, The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat is pleased to partner with boards to provide the Tutors in the Classroom program. Through this program, boards may hire post-secondary students enrolled in Ontario colleges and universities to work as tutors in JK to Grade 6 classrooms. The Secretariat will provide 50% of the salary and benefits of post-secondary students employed in the program to a maximum grant of $1,000 per individual.

The tutors will support the work of classroom teachers through working directly with students to reinforce previously taught skills and concepts. The goal of this intervention is to assist in closing the gap in achievement in order to achieve equity of outcomes for specific populations. We ask that as you determine the schools and students that will take part in the Tutors in the Classroom program, you review current achievement data within your board to inform your participant selection process. This will ensure that the schools and students in greatest need, will receive additional support.

Funding for the Tutors in the Classroom program will be confirmed once end of year reports and expenditure records for the 2009-2010 year are finalized. To indicate your intention to participate in the Tutors in the Classroom program for 2010-2011, please complete the attached application and return it by June 30, 2010 to judy.speirs@ontario.ca.

Mary Jean Gallagher
Chief Student Achievement Officer of Ontario
Assistant Deputy-Minister
Student Achievement Division