November 2017

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Date: November 23, 2017

Memorandum to: Directors of Education

From: Bruce W. Shaw
Student Achievement Supports Branch

Louise Sirisko
Special Education / Success for All Branch

Subject: Renewed Mathematics Strategy (RMS) Supports for Section 68 Hospital Boards

Building on the renewed goals in Achieving Excellence: A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario, the Ministry of Education is committed to helping students gain the mathematics knowledge and skills they will need for the future.

As you know, in 2016 the ministry launched its Renewed Mathematics Strategy (RMS) to leverage the collective knowledge and skills from our shared successes of the past to focus on improving student achievement in mathematics. The RMS takes the latest research along with what we have learned from our successful journey to improve literacy achievement among elementary students and pass rates among secondary students, and applies that knowledge to support better outcomes in mathematics.

We are excited to announce that Section 68 Hospital Boards will receive RMS funding for the 2017-18 school year. Each Hospital Board will receive $3,650 to participate in a variety of initiatives intended to encourage professional learning and precise instructional strategies for students in Hospital Boards.

A Transfer Payment Agreement (TPA) will be developed for each Hospital Board that will consider their unique needs and student populations. Regional Office leads will be in contact to coordinate registration for GoSecure and PRISA (the ministry’s online reporting system), which will facilitate TPA management and report-backs.

Now in Year 2 of the RMS, we are excited to continue to build on the successes of Year 1 in meeting our shared goals of:

  • Increased student achievement, well-being and engagement in mathematics;
  • Increased educator mathematics knowledge and pedagogical expertise;
  • Increased leader use of knowledge of effective mathematics pedagogy to provide the necessary supports and conditions for school and system improvement; and
  • Increased parent engagement in their children’s mathematics learning.

As we work towards the shared goals of the RMS, the Ministry of Education is pleased to offer over 60 virtual learning sessions, to support classroom educators, mathematics leads, as well as school and system leaders. School teams are encouraged to participate in virtual learning sessions together as most are designed for team learning. Virtual learning sessions will be offered throughout the Fall/Winter 2017, and in the Winter/Spring 2018.

Please refer to the attached brochure for the complete list of Fall/Winter 2017 virtual learning sessions. To register, and for the full description of each session, please visit: On this website, you may also access resources and video recordings following each live virtual session.

If you have further questions about participation in the RMS, we encourage you to contact your Regional Office lead.

Thank you again for your ongoing commitment to the achievement, engagement and well-being of all our students.


Bruce W. Shaw
Student Achievement Division

Louise Sirisko
Student Support and Field Services Division

cc: Shirley Kendrick, Director, Student Achievement Division
Doug Crichton, Director (Acting), Field Services Branch
Field Services Branch Regional Managers
Debra Cormier, Manager, Student Achievement Division