September 2011

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27/09/2011 Gerry Treble
Regional Manager
Field Services Branch
London Regional Office
First Nation School Principals in the London Region
First Nation Child Care Providers in the London Region
First Nation Schools and First Nations Child Care Providers Information Session: Full-Day Early Learning-Kindergarten Program
22/09/2011 Taddesse Haile
Director, Education Statistics & Analysis Branch
Directors of Education
Secretary-Treasurers of School Authorities
Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA)
· 2011-12 OnSIS Data Submission Schedule
· Changes to Data Collected Through OnSIS
· School Websites
· October 2011 MISA Leaders' Event
· MISA Local Capacity Building Review & Assessment
19/09/2011 Kevin Costante
Deputy Minister
Directors of Education Follow up to my July 14, 2011 Memo on Student and Staff Safety
13/09/2011 Andrew Davis
Financial Analysis and Accountability Branch
Directors of Education 2011 SB27: 2011-12 Primary Class Size Plan Implementation

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12/09/2011 Raymond Théberge
Assistant Deputy Minister, French-Language, Aboriginal Learning & Research
Ministry of Education Assistant Deputy Ministers
Ministry of Education Directors
Education Statistics & Analysis Branch Portfolio-Based Services
09/09/2011 Paul Anthony
Director, Teaching Policy and Standards Branch
Directors of Education
District School Boards
Supervisory Officers/Secretary Treasurers
School Authorities
Chief Financial Officers/Business Supervisory Officers
Director, Provincial Schools Branch
September Update – Teacher Development Initiatives
08/09/2011 Sue Durst
Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch
Directors of Education
Secretary-Treasurers and Supervisory Officers of School Authorities
Adolescent Literacy Professional Learning: The Professional Learning Cycle and the Literacy Coach
07/09/2011 Kevin Costante
Deputy Minister
Directors of Education
Supervisory Officers and Secretary-Treasurers of School Authorities
Director, Provincial and Demonstration Schools
Principals of Elementary and Secondary Schools
Principals of First Nation Elementary Schools
Internet Safety – Cyber Risk Launch and Sector Training
02/09/2011 Kevin Costante
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Education
PIC Chairs and Co-Chairs Letter from Kevin Costante, Deputy Minister regarding Parent Engagement and Student Achievement

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02/09/2011 Andrew Davis
Financial Analysis and Accountability Branch
Superintendents of Business 2011 SB26: 2010-11 Financial Statements Forms (DSBs)

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EFIS – 2010-11 Financial Statements

02/09/2011 Nancy Whynot
Capital Programs Branch
Senior Business Officials 2011 SB25: Information About Upcoming Long-Term Financing Arrangements for Ministry-Supported Not Permanently Financed Capital Debt