Premier's Safe Schools Awards

2010/11 Premier's Safe Schools Awards recipients

Premier's Awards for Safe Schools Recipient: Edenbrook Hill Public School

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Cameron: Hi. My name is Cameron. I am 10 years old. I go to Edenbrook Hill Public School in Brampton and I'm a peacekeeper.

Peacekeepers are peer mediators.

Isaiah: What we do is we help the grade one and two students solve their problems and issues. I feel that I'm really helping and I feel that I'm actually helping the teacher.

When you're a peacekeeper, you have to show a lot of respect and you have to be caring.

Barb Anderson: It's like their first job They're signing a contract agreeing that they're going to be a peacekeeper.

So you look at the peacekeepers and you know that's a person I can trust. That's a person I can go to for help.

Anthony McLean (singing): Now, when I say bullying, you say stop. Bullying.

Students: Stop!

Anthony: Bullying.

Students: Stop!

Anthony McLean: The students have to own this stuff. It can't just come from grown-ups telling them what to do.

So when you have student ambassadors or peacekeepers like at this school, that really empowers students.