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Pascal Boyer

Student Success Leaders Symposium: Student Pascal Boyer (FESFO)

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Transcript for student video clip for website – Pascal Boyer
From Student Success Leaders Symposium, June 12, 2008

Pascal Boyer : Hello everybody, my name is Pascal Boyer, I am the representative of the La Fédération de la jeunesse franco-ontarienne, the FESFO.

On May 12, 2008, Andrew and I had the opportunity to take part in the forum under the leadership of Ms. Kirsten Parker on Student Engagement. These are the main ideas from our perspective.

It was more like a general assembly to find where students stand regarding student engagement. The conclusion was that students are looking for regional rather than provincial support.

During the forum we had the opportunity to listen to the opinion of students, to find out what they need for their engagement and how important it is for them to receive peer support. We also reached the conclusion that student engagement is everyone's responsibility: teachers, school boards, directors of education. Everyone has to be involved in student engagement.

I also wish to point out that it is also very important to find many ways to involve students in various manners: not all young people will like the same project and become involved at the same level. That is why it is important that everyone should look for projects that will appeal to the various interests of students and enable them to become engaged in different ways and at the level of engagement they wish.

These are our conclusions for the symposium in which we took part.

Thank you.