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SpeakUp in a Box

SpeakUp in a Box has everything you will need to run a student-led forum for 30 participants at your school. It includes facilitator tip sheets, a step-by-step forum guide and forum supplies. By taking on the leadership role of hosting your own conference you are ensuring you have a voice and that others can see what student empowerment looks like, we thank everyone who participates in hosting their own SpeakUp in Box forum.

Each SpeakUp school forum team is asked to share the big ideas from their forum with us by completing the on-line survey posted here. We are looking forward to sharing 'what we heard' on our website.

To order SpeakUp in a Box, please read Here's how it works (PDF, 41 KB) and then send it to us by emailing studentengagement@ontario.ca or fax us at 416-327-6749 with your contact and mailing information.

Here is information you can share with your school and a checklist you may need:

Thank you to our colleagues on the Speak Out Alberta team for sharing their ideas with us and helping us to develop this great student resource.

You can also tell us about your school forum on our Facebook page. Like us at Facebook/SpeakUp Ontario!