Speak Up

Student Voice

What you told us

What you told us at the first student forum in 2008:

On May 12, 2008, the Minister met with 60 students. Students talked and we listened to their ideas about what they want to see in their schools. They shared their ideas on how to promote Student Voice, what they want from their education, and how to get more students excited about learning and going to school. The energy at the forum was contagious. We plan to keep the lines of communication open and keep building on this momentum by continuing to listen to students.

Andrew and Pascal are the students who facilitated the student forum. Listen to what they had to say in these video clips about how to engage students and get them excited about school:

What you told us at the 2009 and 2010 regional student forums:

Over 1500 students met to discuss student engagement and made 9 recommendations including:

  • Based on students' interests, expand the available co-curricular options to include enrichment, peer support, homework help and activities
  • Consult with students and inform them on decisions that impact their educational experience.
  • There should be strategies in place to help student learn life skills, such as leadership, teamwork and communication skills
  • A learning environment that is socially inclusive would give students opportunities to talk about issues such as mental health, bullying, racism, diversity and inclusiveness.
  • In a learning environment that is academically inclusive, teachers understand individual student needs and learning styles.
  • Build on the Student Voice initiative to ensure that all students feel welcome and empowered in their schools

See a complete list of the 9 Student Voice Indicators identified by students (PDF, 206 KB)