Teacher Performance Appraisal System

High quality teaching is essential to improving student outcomes and reducing gaps in student achievement. The Teacher Performance Appraisal System provides teachers with meaningful appraisals that encourage professional learning and growth. The process is designed to foster teacher development and identify opportunities for additional support where required. By helping teachers achieve their full potential, the performance appraisal process represents one element of Ontario's vision of achieving high levels of student performance.

Ontario's TPA system has two components: one for “new teachers” and the other for “experienced” teachers.

New teachers are defined in the legislation as all teachers certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (including teachers trained out-of-province) who have been hired into permanent positions – full-time or part-time – by a school board, school authority, or provincial school (“board”) to begin teaching for the first time in Ontario. Teachers are considered “new” until they successfully complete the New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) or until 24 months have elapsed since the date on which they first begin to teach for a board.

All teachers who have completed the NTIP, or who held permanent positions in Ontario's publicly funded schools prior to the NTIP's implementation in September 2006, as well as temporary teachers (those teaching on a Letter of Permission), are appraised as “experienced” teachers.

The legislation and regulations and manual set out the timelines, processes and steps to be followed of the appraisal process.

Forms and Templates

Boards may choose to use the sample templates if they consider them to be useful. Boards modifying any sample template assume responsibility for ensuring that the modified form complies with all relevant legal and policy requirements. The Ministry of Education assumes no responsibility for templates modified by boards. Boards must not attribute any modified templates to the Ministry of Education or the Government of Ontario.

Mandatory Provincial Forms

Sample Templates for Required Processes

Sample Templates for Optional Processes