Teacher Professional Development

To maintain their standards of excellence, teachers need to be continually and actively engaged in their own learning throughout their career. The government is committed to supporting teachers in this pursuit.

The Teacher Learning and Leadership Program

Are you a teacher looking to expand your knowledge and skills while sharing promising practices with others? The Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP) is a new project-based professional learning opportunity for experienced classroom teachers.
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Working Table on Teacher Development

In June 2004, a mini-discussion paper, Teacher Excellence: Unlocking Student Potential through Continuing Professional Development, was presented to the Minister's Education Partnership Table.

The Working Table on Teacher Development was established in 2005 and was charged with the task of considering the recommendations of the mini-discussion paper and making proposals for supporting the professional growth of teachers throughout their careers.

The Working Table on Teacher Development has made a number of recommendations which have impacted significantly on teacher growth and student learning:

  • The first recommendation in the summer of 2005 led to the implementation of the New Teacher Induction Program.
  • In the fall of 2006, the Working Table recommended a revised Teacher Performance Appraisal Program for Experienced Teachers which is now in place.
  • In the Winter of 2007, the Working Table met to consider the ongoing professional development of experienced teachers. A series of recommendations were prepared and presented in the Report to the Partnership Table on Teacher Professional Learning (PDF, 63 KB). These recommendations were reviewed and approved by the Education Partnership Table on May 14, 2007; the government intends to implement them in the course of the next year.