Legislation and Regulation Amendments

Relevant legislation and regulations, new or amended, related to programs that support the teaching profession in Ontario are posted here.

Education Act (as amended)

The Education Act and its regulations provide the statutory basis for how education is delivered to students who are enrolled in the publicly funded school system in Ontario.

Performance Appraisal-Related Regulations Made Under the Education Act

  • Operation of Schools – General, Ontario Regulation 298
    The regulation includes sections on the assignment and duties of teachers.
  • Teacher Learning Plans, Ontario Regulation 98/02
    The regulation provides detail with respect to what a learning plan must contain and how often it would be reviewed and by whom.
  • Teacher Performance Appraisal, Ontario Regulation 99/02
    The regulation specifies the standards, processes, time lines, and forms to be used for performance appraisal of teachers.
  • New Teacher Induction Program, Ontario Regulation 266/06
    The regulation sets out the minimum elements of the New Teacher Induction Program.

For further information, please visit the New Teacher Induction Program page.

Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996

The Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996 provides the Ontario College of Teachers with the legislative authority to govern and regulate the teaching profession in Ontario.

Teacher Qualification-Related Regulations Made Under the Ontario College of Teachers Act, 1996

Visit the government's e-Laws website to view the consolidated laws of Ontario. On this site you can find a specific statute of a specific regulation. This site also provides reference tables that will enable you to check for recent changes in the law, as well as a link to the Legislative Assembly's website, on which you can view bills.