Policy and Curriculum

Curriculum Sites

On the Ministry of Education web site you can find elementary and secondary school teaching, learning and curriculum resources, as well as support services:

Curriculum and Policy Documents

Also available on the Ministry of Education web site are elementary and secondary curricula and resource and policy documents developed to assist teaching and learning in Ontario schools:

Special Education

The Ministry of Education Special Education web site provides an overview of special education in Ontario, including identification and placement information, policy and resource documents and links to support services available in Ontario

Education Quality and Accountability Office

What is the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO)?

  • EQAO designs and implements a comprehensive program of student assessment within government-established parameters.
  • EQAO advises the Minister of Education on assessment policy.
  • EQAO develops and implements a provincial Education Quality Indicators Program (EQUIP).
  • EQAO leads Ontario's participation in national and international assessment.
  • EQAO promotes research in best practices in assessment and accountability.
  • EQAO reports to the Minister, the public, and the education community on assessment and education issues and makes recommendations for improvement.

Visit the EQAO website to obtain more information.