Environmental Education

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the government ensuring a balanced approach to environmental education?

Since 2003, the ministry has been engaged in an ongoing process of curriculum review to ensure that it remains current, relevant and age-appropriate for all students. Information is gathered through

  • Research into other national and international jurisdictions
  • Consultations and focus groups involving educators, parents, students, other ministries, colleges, universities and the workplace.

Prior to finalization, the draft revised curriculum now undergoes an external environmental review in addition to checking for anti-discrimination and bias, and to ensure the Aboriginal perspective is represented.

Standards of environmental education have been developed and are being applied to all current and future curricula to come under review. This will ensure the quality of environment education across the curriculum and its relevance to Ontario students.

What resources are available to teachers to support changes in the curriculum?

The resource booklet Ready, Set, Green! provides teachers with environmental tips, techniques, and resources already being used in schools and boards across the province. Teachers are invited to continue to share their environmental education practices by emailing readysetgreen@ontario.ca.

Other teacher resource documents, Environmental Education – Grades 1-8 and Kindergarten programs: Scope and Sequence of Curriculum Expectations and Environmental Education – Grades 9-12: Scope and Sequence of Curriculum Expectations, shows teachers where environmental education expectations and opportunities exist in all subjects. These documents will be updated regularly to reflect changes in the curriculum–documents.